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There are 2 main different types of CAT6A cable that conform to these standards, shielded and unshielded often referred to as F/UTP and U/UTP.

Some use the term FTP and UTP to distinguish between shielded and unshielded cable however according to the ISO/IEC standards, the first letters indicate the type of overall shield while the latter letters indicate the type of shielding on each pair and the balanced element, therefore, F/UTP and U/UTP is the easiest way to distinguish cable types.

CAT6A U/UTP means the cable consists of 4 unshielded twisted pairs and no outer shielding.

CAT6A F/UTP means the cable consists of 4 unshielded twisted pairs however it contains an outer foil shield. This is a shielded cable.
There is also S/FTP (screened/foiled twisted pair) cable, normally a CAT7 cable that has four individually shielded pairs and an outer screen braid around all four pairs.

CAT 6A U/UTP is constructed in a certain way to help minimize cross talk and ANEXT. This includes larger conductors, (23 AWG minimum), tighter twists, extra internal airspace, an internal separator between the pairs, and thicker outer jacket. These features typically increase the outer diameter of the cable.

CAT6A F/UTP is constructed in a similar manner however it contains an outer foil shield, underneath the outer cable jacket.
The foil shield acts as a barrier preventing EMI/RFI from coupling onto the twisted pairs from adjacent cables. In effect, it reflects the noise or interference from lights, machinery and other sources of EMI, as well as RFI from cell phones and wireless access points, In addition, the foil shield prevents data signals from leaking out of the cable.

If you are using shielded F/UTP CAT6A cable in an installation, a compatible shielded connector should be used. Likewise, an unshielded cable should be used with unshielded connectors.