Prime Optimus is the best supplier of D-link in Dubai UAE. It is glad to say that Prime Optimus has become very popular in selling the D-Link cables and accessories. We provide Cat6, Cat6a, and all associated accessories. We have been the line of selling cables since very long. Our mission is to provide relevant cables for the smooth running of your business.

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Why D-link

D-Link solid cables are the best twisted-pair cables in the market for transmitting data over local area Networks (LANs). These cables exceed performance requirements specified by the TIA/EIA-568C.2 and IEC 60603-7-4 standard.

As streaming video and multimedia over LAN are gaining popularity, users demand faster data transmission and reduced waiting time. D-Link cables are ideal for simple, cost-effective and high-speed transmission performance. They support a higher signal-to-noise ratio, providing better reliability for current applications and higher data rates for future applications.

Prime Optimus is the top dealer of D-link in Dubai UAE. Dlink CAT6 UTP LSZH Cable enhanced the performance for transmission of high speed data, digital and analogue voice and video (RGB). It supports Gigabit Ethernet (1000 Base-T) standard. Operates at a bandwidth up to 250 Mhz.

  • Comply with Cat.6 specifications
  • 4-pair unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable
  • 23 AWG solid copper conductor for superior conductivity
  • Frequency 250 MHz
  • PE insulation
  • PE central cross
  • FR LSZH Jacket